My Self

25 Jan

Hello, everyone! i’m a new user wordpress. first time i don’t understand, but now i’m trying to know about this website. i think that was fun and cool site, so how about you? this is my first post. i want to tell about my self..

Call me ‘Icang’ altough my name is Annisa, but i’m interest with Icang’s name. I’m 16 years old. In 2nd grade of  shs. Interested with Dreaming, Math, Art, History of  World, Deutschland, Germany national team football, Glee, Kpop, Jpop, Kate-Rihanna-Beyonce, and many more :D. My weakness is love, therefore, i hate so much to love. Difficult to trust a guy, and Stuborn. Easy to Down hearted, Numb, Dreamer, Like a boy, little selfish, arrogant, careless, and Mis-understood. suck to love someone, and loved by someone. Greates of Allah SWT, Muhammad SAW, and my parents.

Like very much with Kim Heechul, member of Super Junior. Boyband in Korea. He is cool, unique, handsome, smart, funny guy, gergous, and cares guy. Also like very much with Cameron Mitchell, and the others of  The Glee Project’s member, like Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Darren Criss, Chordoverstreet, and many more.

Dislike with snake, reptils, and dust. Love very much spam on twitter, karaoke, listen music, write a novel, draw anime, and many more. Always want to eat Candy and Chocolate.

Well, i’m Germany addicted! JKpop addicted! Red addicted! Action movies addicted! Gleek! CandyChocolate addicted! Heenim! Nerd-herd! and i’m addicted with TWITTER! xoxoxo

i think enough, thanks before…happy see my pages~ follow me 🙂

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