26 Jan
     49days is Korean Drama what to being treanding in Indonesia. That dramas make me cried and shout loud. i can’t keep my emotion when i watched this dramas. i think this dramas will be my best of Korean drama ever! i really amazed with So Yi Soo and So Yi Kyung whose keep them heart self to wait each other. Let’s we talk about this dramas!
       Firstly i watched i don’t understand with that story. The story like the story of romance, but i watched carefully, this dramas actually not about romance. the story about faithfulness someone to others. A girl rich (Shin Ji Hyun) had accident and comma in hospital, but in fact she’s soul must get challange with Scheduler (The Grim Reaper). She must collect three tears of people who loved her. She try hard to get three tears with use the body’s a woman who named So Yi Kyung. So Yi Kyung is a woman with flat faces. Always silence and low profile. So Yi Kyung is a market’s officer. Every night she must work and keep them market. Yi Kyung was sleep at 11 pm in the morning until 10 am in the evening. At 12 am she got up and work. in the market. Ji Hyun use Yi Kyung’s body to complete her job.
Shin Ji Hyun and So Yi Kyung
Scheduler (So Yi Soo) and Shin Ji Hyun
So Yi Kyung and Han Kang
        Ji Hyun must work hard to collect three tears and complete her job to save her father’s company of her engaged who named (Kang Min-Ho). Ji Hyun work in her friend’s cafe, his named Han Kang. But, Han Kang didn’t know who is the Yi Kyung. Actually, in Yi Kyung’s body is Ji Hyun not Yi Kyung. Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun looks like had the same habit and the same character. Han Kang always think Yi Kyung is Ji Hyun. Ji Hyun did the mission with her Scheduler who named So Yi Soo.
Shin In Jung and Kang Min-Ho
So Yi Soo and So Yi Kyung
        A long time ago, So Yi Soo had a relationship with Yi Kyung, and that was a reason of Yi Kyung did like that, Yi Kyung still waiting Yi Soo cameback. Yi Soo must be Scheduler to got his wish granted. His wish is to met So Yi Kyung, can propose Yi Kyung to be his engaged and with Yi Kyung for one day. (Their story make me cried so badly!!!!). For Five years Yi Soo waiting to met Yi Kyung and with her for one day.. it was a long time to waited. Yi Kyung can’t keep her feeling because she can met her soulmate. After them met each other, Yi Soo must go and do his job as Scheduler. As Scheduler’s Ji Hyun. Ji Hyun awake and as human again, three tears complete her collected (Han Kang’s tears, Seo Woo’ tears, In Jung’s tears) but she get two choice. First, she wants to be human who didn’t remember with 49days her collect three tears and as soul. Second, she did remember with 49days as sou…but the requirement was she must died. Ji Hyun not realized with Yi Soo’s sentense and she accept the 2nd choice.
Scheduler (So Yi Soo >,<)!!!
         Ji Hyun died, Yi Soo gone forever, Yi Kyung is sister’s Ji Hyun, Han Kang to be a designer arsitecture,
Seo Woo got her boyfriend, and many more. Their living as well when Ji Hyun happier in heaven with her
Scheduler (So Yi Soo).
Actors and Actreess :
(from top left) So Yi Kyung, Shin Ji Hyung, Shin In Jung
Han Kang, Kang Min Ho, Scheduler ( So Yi Soo)
that’s enough. Thank youu~~
Gomawohamnida 🙂
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