How the feeling if you to be a person who has always scorned ??

26 Jan

Everyone must have felt intimidated. Everyone must have felt hurt..but did you know? you can’t never forget that moment. you always remember, intimidation of anyone who gives it to always want to reply everything to them..and exact pain that you gave…you want to revenge..i see..

exact you feel very depression and frustating. you won’t to go to school if you remember that. you think your school is the HELL and your friend is DEMONS. get bad trouble.. you have hard depression… sometimes you think you must suicide! omg! it was fuck! you life is more important than your school or your friend..
but…if that there is in my family…how the feeling?
the feeling more make you crazy. you mother hit you in everytime, and get angry with you in everytime. you should get hard Depression. you wanna kill your mother at that moment..HAHAHA…but did you know? if you grow up soon, you must think what you mother to do…it should for your the best life choose…i proud with myself, and i proud with my father and my mother, they were already trying hard to make me to be a GREAT HUMAN! and Daughter Soleha.. 🙂
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